Ninja Turtles Graduated! : 济南


My first class in China consisting of, sometimes adorable and sometimes crazy,   3-5 year olds have graduated on December 29th. I watched these babies grow in their English over the past 8 months and I can’t believe how talented they are. They went from just learning how to sing the ABC song to learning each letter’s pronunciation and how to spell three letter words. Their writing still of course needs work because they’re babies, but they all can write their names and the entire alphabet.

Their oral English has improved greatly. I think this new Chinese app of dubbing short English videos had a role in that. But anywho I am proud! Enjoy the pictures!

One of my kids sent this to me using her graduation gift I got her.

Damon from day 1 has been one of my best students!

This is a text convo between me and Allen’s mom about how Allen after graduation thought he wouldn’t see me anymore, so he cried. Only until his mom said he would see me in like 3 days, he was able to go to sleep. D’aaaawww.

Damon, Matilda, and I

Allen and I. He is so tall for a 5 year old!

Graduation Dinner

My diva Cecelia and I.

Graduation Dinner. Yum pizza, pasta, lol.

Sophia and I. Quiet yet really competitive!

My cuties Grace and Dora!

Wow, they are pretty still. Even though they are looking at different cameras…

They just started the M2 level yesterday! I can’t wait to see what they will accomplished ❤


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