Brownies in Bali: Part One -巴厘岛


This will be a series about mine and my roommate Sjenade’s trip to Bali during the Chinese Spring Festival Holiday.

First Impressions😦 well after a few days of being here)

  •  I don’t like Kuta. Seminyak is okay.  Canggu is expensive, but Echo Beach in Canggu is much prettier and quieter than Kuta beach.
  • Nusa Penida=Paradise.🏝

    • Houston, Texas’ humidity has nothing on Bali.☀️

    • Stray dogs are everywhere. Kudos to Echo Beach Club for donating some profits to help feed and take care of stray dogs.
    • Animals here are so territorial, geez.

    • The water is beautifully blue. Bluer than Malaysia.🏖

    • Balinese people are friendly, welcoming and nice. Meet Putu, a wonderful woman that took care of Sjenade and I as we trekked through the jungles of Nusa Penida Island.

    • Their scooter traffic reminds me a lot about China…HOWEVER…there are security that helps any pedestrian cross the busy street. Some people on scooters even stop for you to let you cross.  China better take note.🛵

    • Bali’s food and drink options are orgasmic! 😋

    • Banjar thugs can go suck it because they rip off the entire taxi industry.🚖🚔
    • Balinese people are terrible at giving people directions.or maybe they don’t want any tourists finding the secret spots. Got lost so much listening to them.😑

    4 hours later…

    • There is a small temple or prayer center after every two houses.

    These are some of my impressions I got from Bali during my first week here. Second week I’ll be doing a yoga retreat in Ubud. First one ever, since I just started practicing a few months ago ( thanks to the roomie). 

    Still working on the Shanghai and Blast to the Past post. Look forward to the next part about Bali. 

    Until then….I’m returning to paradise. 🏝🐢🍉🥑⛱


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