Blast from the Past VIII: Guilin and Yangshuo



I forgot a subject in the email- 04.18.2014

“After Chengdu, I went to Guilin to meet two other of my classmates. We took a motorized bamboo raft cruise down the Li river. It was a bit misty because it was raining a bit, but the pictures came out gorgeous.

It was still pretty though however I would have to say we let ourselves get ripped off on the next tour after the Li river. We were supposed to go to the Yulong River and ride a legit bamboo raft, the one not motorized, but because it was raining the water level was too high. So, the tour guide hyped up this other place called Shangri-la. “It’s a place of clear water where you can see the fish, and you can interact with local people . It’s very beautiful village.” It was the fakest part of China I ever been in. It’s a man-made destination for tourists.

For example, we rode another boat and as we approached what I call a “station” these young highschool boys in flintstones wear will start dancing. However, it was terribly synchronized and when we passed them up they would stop and wait for the next boat.


There are other “touristy” incidents that happen, but I’ll keep them for another time. Long story short, Li river was amazing the last part horrible.

After that long day we went to Yangshuo and did bike riding. Yangshuo is a beautiful small city with mountains as their background. When we were riding the bikes, we decided to vacate from the street and go to a trail where you can see the countryside. It was beautiful! At the night market I did buy a few souvenirs like these hand woven scarves, but then I ended up accidently leaving the bag on the bus back to Guilin. I’m now trying to figure out where I can have another chance to get scarves for 10 元 ($1.50).

My trip in Guilin ended at the Longji Rice Terraces. I am very glad we decided to hike the trail rather than take the cable car. It was stacks on stacks on stacks of rice fields. Have any of you seen the camera pan over these rice terraces on a Chinese documentary? I have and I’m still excited that I was able to go. It’ll be a while before I experience a scenery that beautiful again.
Chinese is kicking me around a little bit because the level is increasing. I feel like I’m going through the elementary school to middle school transition. I’m now learning how to connect sentences, write full-length paragraphs, my essay word limits are expanding, etc. However, I do catch myself forgetting some English words. o.O.

Well, I have been hearing a lot that has been going on in the other side of the world! Keep sending me updates. I do read them Well I’m signing off now because this update is 950+ words, almost as long as Part A of my econ assignment has to be. I shouldn’t be worried about that then. Enjoy the pictures. Oh wait I leg got grabbed by a monkey
43 days left…”

BTW, the Li river is on the 20 yuan RMB note 😀 I’ve been to three places on the RMB notes. Guess.


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