Reconstructing Life


These past few months have been H E C T I C!  During the whole month of March and the beginning of April, on the weekends I was travelling, and during the week I was preparing for the big move and my trip to the United States.

Spoiler: I bet after you guys saw that photo of me on the Great Wall, you may have assumed that I was moving to Beijing maybe. Nope! I’m just moving to the other side of Jinan, however I am moving to a different company! Sayonara to Best Learning and Hello to AMIO. I’m excited!

Since I am home in the US for a month, I should take advantage of nice computers, and fast internet. So please expect 3 things.

  1. Blast from the Past posts
  2. China Year in Review
  3. Posts about all these trips I’ve been having

Hopefully I get all these things done. A bonus would be developing a schedule and a better format for this blog. I’m even contemplating buying a domain and getting more serious about this. However, for now. Let’s start with these three things. Keep me motivated! Thanks.

Below are some pictures of my new place. Uh, it’s still a bit dirty and I haven’t even got to unpack that much since I moved in literally 3 days before I was leaving China.


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