About Me


 I am 23 years old and a native Texan \m/. I’m  an African-American girl with a African-American family, who is also adopted by a Mexican family, comforted by Korean  food and LOVES studying Chinese and eating their noms as well. Simply put, I love anything international and I’m pretty open-minded. I’m fascinated with learning about Asian culture and have particularly taken a liking to Chinese culture. I’ve been teaching English in Jinan, China and decided to stay another!
I love to nerd about about the etymology of certain characters and enjoy talking about Chinese history. I graduated with a degree in Chinese so it’s only natural?

First year in baby blogging was challenging, but I’m excited for this next year. My hopes is that this blog will offer more tips and suggestions for traveling/living/working abroad, 

Feel free to ask me more questions if you want to know more!

Hope you Enjoy!