Missing China


我想念中国的三大事情。 Top 3 things I miss about China.

1. 我学生们和朋友们。My students and friends

2. 我跟中国人聊天。 Speaking Chinese

3. 美团外卖。Takeout food 

Two Months of Traveling: 中国


Another reason I was MIA on this blog during March and April is because I was travelling every weekend. I didn’t know if I was going to be staying for another year so I crammed four trips in one month to Linyi Hot Springs, Zhangjiajie Mountains, Chengdu, and Beijing of course. These were the most exhiliterating yet stressful months of travelling. For the remainder of April, I went to Tokyo and then Shanghai Disneyland before returning to the US. I’ll write about those trips on the next post.

Linyi Hot Springs

BEST Rexalaxing Weekend Ever. Did not expect the hot floors room, this many spring baths, a water park and TOWELS on TOWELS on TOWELS. You can find this place in the Shandong Province, home of many natural hot springs. Comment for the name of the resort we went to. 

Zhangjiajie Mountains

Arguably known as the Avatar Mountains because the director of the movie denies he got the inspiration for Pandora from this mountain range. Yet, China has embraced it by putting several statues of characters from the famous movie. It looks identical to me.


Roughly did the the same thing I wrote about last time but got to experience it with different people. BUT we found donuts🍩 and a beautifully lit tower!


I’m always down for another section of the wall, art, and delicious food. Stayed in a new area and managed to sleep comfortably in a 10 person hostel.

Look forward to the post about Shanghai Disneyland and Tokyo and also some tips about how I managed 6 trips in two months 😀

Thanksgiving in China:济南


So instead of Taobao post let’s talk about Thanksgiving in China.

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday! Christmas being the first, Thanksgiving being the second and Halloween the third.


Since I’m living in Jinan, a turkey dinner is much harder to find. So without stuffing, cranberry sauce, and your favorite aunt’s macaroni and cheese, how did I celebrate Thanksgiving?!

Funny story, maybe.

So, the school tells us a week before in a meeting that they are going to prepare some food for us on Thanksgiving Day since we have to work.

“Hey, guys we are going to have some food for you at 12:30 pm on Thanksgiving. We are going to prepare pizza, chicken nuggets, bread, this type of things.” – Foreign Teacher Supervisor (who is Chinese)

I can accept the thought that counts, but us foreign teachers were like what?! pizza?! I suggested they just get the Beijing Duck and some Chinese vegetables since it’s the closest to what may be a Thanksgiving Dinner in America.

Did they listen?

Nope! They never listen. They ask for suggestions, but never listen. It’s the thought that counts right?

So, on Thanksgiving day,  a couple of us teachers arrived maybe 5 minutes past 12:30 thinking that things will be all nice and set up. Yeah we were delusional.

We walked into total madness, chaos, plastic gloves and smacking! They didn’t even wait for us! So much for “it’s the thought that counts.”


Thanksgiving Chaos only in China 🙂

I literally only ate a couple of oranges and two dumplings because everything was just everywhere.

After being let down, after work us teachers went to this restaurant called Fancy for a Thanksgiving Dinner It was okay. They tried their best to give us a meal as close to Thanksgiving as possible. However I was really missing “everybody aunt’s macaroni and cheese”. I also was craving stuffing, dirty rice and dinner rolls. I didn’t get any of that but it’s whatever.


Our Turkey Dinner at Fancy

All I know is I cannot miss another Thanksgiving. If I do, I’m either eating duck or hotpot.

Look forward to my posts about Christmas parties in class, our school’s Not-So-Christmas Shindig featuring a CLOWN and New Year’s in China.

I’ll probably post all this after New Year’s. All the holidays have sucked up my time. Anyway the blog is still alive, just slow.



I promise this blog is not dead! Ive been without proper functioning wifi for the past few weeks! 😦

Anywho, I went to Beijing with the other foreign teachers. I helped compile and edit a video. Here it is.

BTW “waijiaos”= foreign teachers.

CLICK THE LINK BELOW…i know it seems sketch but it’s not, I promise.

               Beijing Unrated

Blast from the Past VI: 长城


Had a good last week in the US 😀 I depart to China in 1 hour!!

My calves hurt-04.01.14


The Great Wall

We pulled off a two-day excursion to Beijing because A wanted to celebrate her birthday (March 29) on the Great Wall.


Celebrating A’s Birthday


If there was a competition for the best birthday parties, I think this one was the best. We had an amazing tour guide because we were able to see portions of the Great Wall that is not accessible to the public. It was not crowded and I preferred to see the ruins than the renovated part.  Attached are some photos. I took too many so you guys are going to have to wait until I get back to see all of them.


The “Entrance

20140329_122357 (1)20140329_123154


Cherry Blossoms are blooming


Hook ’em

The lunch after the Great Wall was AMAZING…I don’t know what the name of the dishes were but those spicy fried and dried green beans were to die for.-It was Sichuan green beans ❤




Beijing Day 2

We went to the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. It sucks that is was PACKED, but seeing the elderly people sing in the park was the highlight of my day.

2014-03-31 13.38.0920140330_110524

We went to the Temple of Heaven early in the Morning and were amongst the Elders. I wish we had this in the US where elders would have membership to the park for free and get to play badminton, join a choir, play an instrument, chit chat, play cards etc. if there wasn’t so many people in China I would’ve retired here. Hehe. This day the others and I were featured in random photos taking by Chinese Tourists outside and even on the subway. On our way back to shanghai we rode the Bullet Train. That thing is really fast, it reached about 425 Km an hour! -actually I think I was exaggerating but it was definitely over 300km However there is one thing everyone should know if you take a train at night in China. The taxi cab line is Shanghai is ridiculously long. When you get off the train you  must RUN, lol. We didn’t know that so we waited about half an hour to an hour past 11 pm until we got a Taxi.

These two weekends have worked my poor legs. I am really sore, but spring break is coming up! I will be going to Chengdu then Guilin!

Classes are relatively the same. However this week I have two 3 hour econ classes, internship and a test.  Properly thanking teachers for cramming everything in before the start of Spring Break.

Well I hope everyone is doing fine in Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi, and other places where some of you may be. Send me updates!