Missing China


我想念中国的三大事情。 Top 3 things I miss about China.

1. 我学生们和朋友们。My students and friends

2. 我跟中国人聊天。 Speaking Chinese

3. 美团外卖。Takeout food 

Week Eight:九如山


I still can’t believe we did so much on this weekend! On our Monday off, me and a couple of foreign teachers decided to accompany our chinese coworkers to Jiu Ru Mountain(九如山)。 Ticket prices were the standard 120 something kuai, but I got a student discount because I conveniently still had my university student card( even though i graduated)!

The place was very pretty! Of course most things like the stairs and the closures to the waterfalls were man-made, they still did  a great job maintaining the cleanliness of the environment. You know you have been in China long if you think a bathrrom is fancy because it at least has soap and/or toilet paper 😛 But really, their restrooms were very very nice!

2016-05-30 16.35.552016-05-30 16.38.15

2016-05-30 16.50.092016-05-30 16.44.102016-05-30 16.21.26

What I liked about this mountain is that is was very peaceful and didn’t really give you the tired feeling that you are climbing a mountain. It had plenty of shaded resting stops, swings, and free tea.

2016-05-30 17.01.572016-05-30 17.05.51

I definetely recommend this if you want to take a casual and light hike and maybe have a picnic. It could be a good date spot too!

2016-05-30 17.15.022016-05-30 17.15.462016-05-30 17.18.41

It was super easy to get to from Jinan. We just had to get on bus 312( and pray that there were seats because there were 40 stops until we got to the mountain. Standing up for that long would not have been good). Thankfully there were seats!

Oh! One cool thing happened on the bus. I got to improve on my chinese speaking skils as this 爷爷(grandpa) started speaking to me in Chinese. In about 45 minutes we covered politics(US elections and  US-Sino Relations), the standard “foreigner questions” that must be printed in a handbook somewhere because EVERYONE asks them, where I have been in China, and some things to go to in Jinan. That was the hardest conversation I have ever had! I could only fully understand him 65% of the time, and sadly had to guess what he meant. I didn’t realize he was asking me about the US election until he said something that sound like Hilary’s name. haha! Hopefully I can take more classes here in China to improve more.

Well, after the mountain a few of us went home to shower to get ready and go to Papa John’s. Papa John’s was a wonderful treat after a long day of hiking!

Tuesday I went to this really good brunch place called “Across Brunch” that had a young looking chef, then went and played soccer, tutored a kid, went bowling, and then watched Alice through the Looking Glass! Of course I fell asleep during that movie because 1) I was exhausted, but 2) the movie was not that great! I feel like that plot could have been covered in the previous movie. There was no need to make a whole new movie!

Anywho, I really need to work on a blogging schedule or maybe do a challenge to help motivate me to stay on top of this. I do enjoy it at times, it’s very relaxing to take a pause from life here in China.