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Standard is MOVING ➡️

While waiting on my worker’s permit to return to China, I thought it was finally time to get serious about blogging. 

I am open to any suggestions or tips regarding this new blog! It’s still in the making as I need to restructure the blog and import some posts. Be patient with me.

Thank you all for reading and following this blog, I hope to see some of you at the main site!



Top 10 Things to Bring to China

Top 10 Things to Pack for China

As I am waiting for my work permit to finish processing, I am thinking about things I should bring back to China. This is my fourth time embarking on a trip to China and will be my second full year of teaching.

Top 10 Things Tyra is Bringing to China

1. Deodorant

There is only roll-on deodorants in Jinan, not much options. So I will be going to Sam’s or Costco to buy a year’s supply.

2. Bras/ underwear

Chinese bras tend to have this thick lining at the bottom that annoys me. Also, their bras are not attractive at all. I like to feel good in my underwear so I bought some here.

3. Tampons

Particularly the ones with an applicator. Ob brand tampons are not for me.

4. Facial cleaning products

So many products in a China has whitening in them. I am a proud black woman, I just want to clean my face not whiten it.

5. Makeup foundation

Chinese women do not like to be dark, so the makeup foundation options are limited. The darkest color I have found was like natural beige. This is very light for my skin.

6. Medication

It takes about 8 Chinese ibuprofen pills to equal like 1 western pill, so I’m bringing my mess, especially for cramps!

7. Hair products 

I’m fortunate to have found online vendors on taobao that sells hair, but hair products for ethnic hair is sparse and expensive in China, so I’ll be stocking up on my coconut oil, hair brushes, grease, etc.
8. Body towels

80 yuan for a body towel in Chin! Our house has ton of towels at home. I just need to steal two and take it with me…or I can purchase a microfiber one, but I’m a cheapo.

9. Sunscreen

Can you believe sunscreen in China has whitening in there! TF?! The purpose of sunscreen is to protect my skin, not to whiten it!

10. Teaching Supplies

Dollar Tree and Target have tons of useful English and Primary School materials which are more useful then the Chinese made ones.

MISC stuff I already have in China but would be useful for first-timers

Travel adapter, shoes if your size is above 9 or 10, snacks from your home country. I was going to put razors, but you find some at Miniso in China.


don’t bring any valuable clothes. It will get ruined in the washers, cause there washers on China aren’t the best. There are also no dryers…..but dry cleaning here is CHEAP!

Let me know in the comments if I’m missing anything!

Ninja Turtles Graduated! : 济南


My first class in China consisting of, sometimes adorable and sometimes crazy,   3-5 year olds have graduated on December 29th. I watched these babies grow in their English over the past 8 months and I can’t believe how talented they are. They went from just learning how to sing the ABC song to learning each letter’s pronunciation and how to spell three letter words. Their writing still of course needs work because they’re babies, but they all can write their names and the entire alphabet.

Their oral English has improved greatly. I think this new Chinese app of dubbing short English videos had a role in that. But anywho I am proud! Enjoy the pictures!

One of my kids sent this to me using her graduation gift I got her.

Damon from day 1 has been one of my best students!

This is a text convo between me and Allen’s mom about how Allen after graduation thought he wouldn’t see me anymore, so he cried. Only until his mom said he would see me in like 3 days, he was able to go to sleep. D’aaaawww.

Damon, Matilda, and I

Allen and I. He is so tall for a 5 year old!

Graduation Dinner

My diva Cecelia and I.

Graduation Dinner. Yum pizza, pasta, lol.

Sophia and I. Quiet yet really competitive!

My cuties Grace and Dora!

Wow, they are pretty still. Even though they are looking at different cameras…

They just started the M2 level yesterday! I can’t wait to see what they will accomplished ❤