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While waiting on my worker’s permit to return to China, I thought it was finally time to get serious about blogging. 

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A Holly Smoggy Christmas Part 2:济南


What did I do after celebrating Christmas with my kiddos? 


On Christmas Eve, my roommate and I hosted a little get-together at our place. It was originally supposed to be girls, but the boys felt left out so then we invited them. [i just wanted to lounge around in my pjs and glasses while drinking hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies. Was I mean?] I made some Oreo balls, my girl-friends came over and  made guac and salsa, cupcakes, a cheese and fruit Christmas tree, popcorn and some fruit salad with passion fruit. GAAAH such delicious food. 

We watched my favorite movie Elf using a projector and seriously just had a homey time as we laid our yoga mats and covered them with blankets and pillows!

Christmas Day we went to the Crowne Plaza for a buffet. Of course there wasn’t any Christmas-themed food there, but it was nice to be together with all our friends since we are away from home. 

And, I was happy to have scored this cute Christmas sweater on Taobao. Jingle Ladies.

On Christmas Day I heard that I had a package sent from my godmother and I couldn’t pick it up until two days later because of the weather. I was anxious and wanted to pick it up, but I waited and when I opened it I screamed!

She, She, She sent me Takis and Hot cheetos and and leggings and homemade cookies and a new pajama set and fuzzy socks and my sister made made me a card. Best gift ever. I was so happy to get a taste of home during this holiday season.

If you read down to this part, you will finally know why the heck this post is called holly smoggy Christmas. It’s because Jinan was terribly polluted during the Christmas week. The famous tall building Ludi, Greenland I think that is what it’s called, completely disappeared. It is the city’s defining landmark, similar to the University of Texas Tower in Austin. Look at the pictures. It wasn’t until after Christmas that it cleared up. This was my first time ever experiencing a gray Christmas. I’m glad we didn’t let it ruin our time though.

Look out for a blast to the past post and a special edition post about my recent New Year trip to Shanghai! My ninja turtle babies graduated last year (hehe) on December 29th. I’ll probably bombard you guys with cute photos soon.

How many of you have experienced Christmas in a different country?