Top 10 Things to Bring to China

Top 10 Things to Pack for China

As I am waiting for my work permit to finish processing, I am thinking about things I should bring back to China. This is my fourth time embarking on a trip to China and will be my second full year of teaching.

Top 10 Things Tyra is Bringing to China

1. Deodorant

There is only roll-on deodorants in Jinan, not much options. So I will be going to Sam’s or Costco to buy a year’s supply.

2. Bras/ underwear

Chinese bras tend to have this thick lining at the bottom that annoys me. Also, their bras are not attractive at all. I like to feel good in my underwear so I bought some here.

3. Tampons

Particularly the ones with an applicator. Ob brand tampons are not for me.

4. Facial cleaning products

So many products in a China has whitening in them. I am a proud black woman, I just want to clean my face not whiten it.

5. Makeup foundation

Chinese women do not like to be dark, so the makeup foundation options are limited. The darkest color I have found was like natural beige. This is very light for my skin.

6. Medication

It takes about 8 Chinese ibuprofen pills to equal like 1 western pill, so I’m bringing my mess, especially for cramps!

7. Hair products 

I’m fortunate to have found online vendors on taobao that sells hair, but hair products for ethnic hair is sparse and expensive in China, so I’ll be stocking up on my coconut oil, hair brushes, grease, etc.
8. Body towels

80 yuan for a body towel in Chin! Our house has ton of towels at home. I just need to steal two and take it with me…or I can purchase a microfiber one, but I’m a cheapo.

9. Sunscreen

Can you believe sunscreen in China has whitening in there! TF?! The purpose of sunscreen is to protect my skin, not to whiten it!

10. Teaching Supplies

Dollar Tree and Target have tons of useful English and Primary School materials which are more useful then the Chinese made ones.

MISC stuff I already have in China but would be useful for first-timers

Travel adapter, shoes if your size is above 9 or 10, snacks from your home country. I was going to put razors, but you find some at Miniso in China.


don’t bring any valuable clothes. It will get ruined in the washers, cause there washers on China aren’t the best. There are also no dryers…..but dry cleaning here is CHEAP!

Let me know in the comments if I’m missing anything!

Missing China


我想念中国的三大事情。 Top 3 things I miss about China.

1. 我学生们和朋友们。My students and friends

2. 我跟中国人聊天。 Speaking Chinese

3. 美团外卖。Takeout food 

Reconstructing Life


These past few months have been H E C T I C!  During the whole month of March and the beginning of April, on the weekends I was travelling, and during the week I was preparing for the big move and my trip to the United States.

Spoiler: I bet after you guys saw that photo of me on the Great Wall, you may have assumed that I was moving to Beijing maybe. Nope! I’m just moving to the other side of Jinan, however I am moving to a different company! Sayonara to Best Learning and Hello to AMIO. I’m excited!

Since I am home in the US for a month, I should take advantage of nice computers, and fast internet. So please expect 3 things.

  1. Blast from the Past posts
  2. China Year in Review
  3. Posts about all these trips I’ve been having

Hopefully I get all these things done. A bonus would be developing a schedule and a better format for this blog. I’m even contemplating buying a domain and getting more serious about this. However, for now. Let’s start with these three things. Keep me motivated! Thanks.

Below are some pictures of my new place. Uh, it’s still a bit dirty and I haven’t even got to unpack that much since I moved in literally 3 days before I was leaving China.

Week Fourteen: 沈阳


Remember back in Week Five pt 2: 济南& 泰山 ft. Jason my friend Jason came to visit me in in my “hometown” Jinan. Well I thought it was only fair that I visit him in his: Shenyang(沈阳)

You know what time it is right…

Shenyang First Impressions


It’s just like Jinan except…

It has a subway. There are only two lines BUT IT HAS A SUBWAY 😀


The outside suburbs of Shenyang is very pretty, and is a host to a really fun activity: RIVER RAFTING!

It’s more quieter than Jinan. *cough* Jinan is more lively *cough*

Such a beautiful church!


Shenyang is home to a really famous dumpling place.


Better selection of western food. Check out this jalapeno pizza!


Would I visit Shenyang again? Short Answer: Only if Jason is there. Jinan is much cooler 😛


Back online!!


It’s been almost two months since I last posted! China Internet sucks. I was able to access wordpress fine, but now I am not able to. I’m currently writing this from Langkawi, Malaysia which is a beautiful place by the way.

It’s raining a bit now so I have some time to write up some upcoming posts!

Look forward to finally reading about my trip to Shenyang, another trip to Beijing and about the one I’m currently on now!

Can’t wait!!